Who We Are

Philanthropy is a ministry. And like all ministries, it enriches both the giver and the receiver. This belief motivated our co-founders to create NCCF, and it is for this reason that NCCF offers individuals an array of services to help them become more effectively engaged in philanthropy.

NCCF serves donors. We are not fund raisers. We exist to provide donors funding options that enable them to become involved in lasting and creative ways in support of charitable works.

As a community foundation, we comprise a pool of perpetual, individually created funds consisting of:

  • Donor-Advised Funds, where the donors retain the right to advise us on which charities should receive distributions;
  • Donor-Designated Funds, where the fund is established to provide perpetual support for a charity designated by the donor;
  • Field-of-Interest Funds, where the donor sets up the fund to support area of interest such as Catholic education, the retired religious, etc.

A donor can create a fund for as little as $10,000 in cash or securities. Contributions are tax deductible. Grants from the fund are approved by our board and distributed to qualified charities. In addition to investment management, we provide record-keeping for the assets we receive and the funds we distribute.

Additionally, for funds over a certain size, donors may select their own investment manager, subject to the approval of the NCCF Board.

NCCF has several distinguishing characteristics:

  • First, we have a Catholic ethic. Our Board of Trustees consists of lay Roman Catholic men and women. Through us, donors can benefit charitable activities that reflect the Gospel, whether these activities serve the ministry of the Catholic Church, specifically, or the larger community.
  • Second, we are national and can arrange for funding charities anywhere within the United States and, under certain circumstances, anywhere in the world.
  • Third, in our perpetual funds, the role of advisor can be passed on indefinitely. Consequently, succeeding generations of one family can remain active in the family’s fund.

Our structure fosters a culture of accountability, credibility, and integrity. As a publicly-supported charitable institution, we manage financial resources in an ethical manner so that donated funds are used for their intended purposes.